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  • Please click HERE for Michael’s full biography. Michael Gulezian is one of the most highly acclaimed solo acoustic instrumental guitarists of our time. He is a phenomenal technical guitarist with the rare ability to transcend his own virtuosity, creating music that touches and moves people at the deepest level.
  • Michael began playing acoustic guitar at the age of six. He never took formal lessons, and was never tempted to play electric guitar (although he admires and respects a great many electric guitarists).
  • Michael is the youngest artist ever to be signed to John Fahey’s legendary Takoma Records, arguably the most influential record label for the genre of solo acoustic instrumental guitar. Click HERE for Michael’s full discography.
  • In terms of his significance in the evolution of the genre, Michael is – among other things - the musical link between John Fahey and Michael Hedges.
  • Michael is a touring machine, playing hundreds of concerts the last few years alone, along with guitar workshops and master classes. But mostly Michael focuses on concert performances.
  • Michael is fiercely independent. He retains no agent, no publicist, and no manager; he rejects the notion that artists (or audiences) need any “support” from multinational corporate record labels. Michael categorically refuses to accept any musical product endorsements. He is a rarity – an artist confident enough in his work to let the music speak entirely for itself. Click HERE to read more.
  • Michael is an honors graduate of the University of Arizona’s Eller Center for the Study of the Private Market Economy, with degrees in Entrepreneurship and Marketing.
  • Depending on one’s orientation toward corporate record labels and their tenuous position between profit motive and art, not to mention streaming services like Spotify, Michael is either feared as a scathing critic of cultural erosion, or else loved as a fiery, passionate, and highly articulate advocate - and living example - of artistic self reliance and independent self expression.
  • After waiting decades for the Cubs to win the World Series, Michael is pinching himself in disbelief.
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