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You are cordially invited to join the Timbreline Music mailing list. We send out a very perky email newsletter, only a few times each year (although we’ll also notify you when Michael will be on tour in your area). We will never give your information to anyone else, and you may unsubscribe at any time.

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House Concerts ImageHouse concerts are an incredibly cool way to literally experience a concert in your home, or the home of someone you know.  If you host a house concert, it costs you nothing!  Michael loves playing house concerts.  This grassroots phenomenon has grown to nationwide proportions – click HERE for more info!



Radio Requests ImageFor a non-mainstream artist, Michael enjoys a tremendous level of support from radio stations across the country.  Please click HERE for a listing of stations playing Michael’s music in your area.   


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You can now stream Michael's music on his station at Pandora Internet Radio! Listen to songs from The Dare of an Angel all the way through Concert at St. Olaf College!


Michael not only allows music lovers to record his live concerts, he encourages it. There are a few simple guidelines though. Please click HERE to read the recording policy page.


Images of Michael for your computer monitor

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Michael's street team is an informal group of dedicated fans who help spread the word about Michael's music in a variety of creative ways. It can be a lot of fun. Click HERE for more info.


In addition to Michael's music being available via download at iTunes and Amazon, we intend to always keep at least one complete song available as a free download - but there's a condition: we actually WANT you to share this music - for free - with your friends, and for them to pass it on. Everyone wins this way - you and your friends get free music, and in so doing you help get the word out about Michael. So when you download the file, please share it with at least three hundred friends (just kidding), and ask them to do the same!

Mood Rub-A-Dub (click to listen)

Mood Rub-A-Dub (right click to download)


Okay, now that you’ve discovered the music of Michael Gulezian, you don’t want to keep it a secret, do you? Please feel free to share Michael’s website with somebody you know. An email message inviting them to visit the web site will be automatically generated.

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