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Michael Gulezian (gu-LAY-ze-in) celebrates his first twenty five years as composer / recording / performing artist with his first ever live concert release, CONCERT AT ST. OLAF COLLEGE. For more than two decades, Michael has unpretentiously walked onstage and delivered one riveting performance after another. CONCERT AT ST. OLAF COLLEGE fully displays the intensity, nuance, energy, and emotion of a master musician lovingly engaged with his audience in the mystery of self-revelation, creating music of understated virtuosity, atmospheric power, ecstatic joy, and haunting beauty … (read complete biography)



Michael Gulezian, Timbreline Music, Desert photo 2004 Avra Valley Michael Gulezian, Timbreline Music, Railyard photo 1, Tucson Michael Gulezian, Timbreline Music, Kayenta photo 1, Monument Valley Michael Gulezian, Timbreline Music, San Rafael Valley, Arizona

Michael Gulezian, Timbreline Music, Railyard photo 2, Tucson Michael Gulezian, Timbreline Music, Kayenta photo 2, Monument Valley  




"Michael Gulezian doesn't write tunes you can take away and hum. What I experience listening to his music is stories - not stories with words, but an exquisite web of tales that only notes can tell. ... it's just amazing to watch him perform." - Bob Boilen, Director, NPR / All Things Considered
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“A guitar player’s guitar player, capable of masterly technical virtuosity … But Gulezian the instrumentalist is also something of an offbeat comic, displaying a disarming stage manner and a keen, understated sense of humor …” - Syracuse Post Standard
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Concert At
St. Olaf College
of the Flame
The Dare
of an Angel
Distant Memories
and Dreams
Unspoken Intentions




Boundary-free, horizon-expanding, genre-bending, transcendent, soulful, kickass, mind-opening, exquisitely gorgeous instrumental solo acoustic guitar. Michael Gulezian (gu-LAY-ze-in) continues to amaze fellow musicians as well as audiences new to the art of solo acoustic guitar … (view complete press release)

Examples of Effective Advance Press

Arizona Republic - (major market)
Arizona-raised Michael Gulezian had a dream of becoming a nationally recognized musician based in the Grand Canyon State. From 1965 to 1997, Gulezian lived in Tucson and … (read complete

Durango Herald - (midsize market)
Some musicians can function within the mainstream music industry – often as pawns or, rarely, as flukes. Others are unable to do so, and learn to thrive independently or face a life of resentment. Still others find ways to sneak around and subvert the industry, or collide with it head-on. Michael Gulezian has long since joined forces with the third camp … (read complete article)

Cortland Standard - (smaller market)
As you begin to read this piece, make plans NOW for a performance at TC3 tonight that you don’t want to miss. Guitar virtuoso Michael Gulezian is playing at 7:30 p.m. in the Campus Center and seats will go fast … (read complete article)

Elko Free Press - (subcompact market)
Anyone with an ear for great acoustic music should mark their calendar and start making plans to drive out to the Angel Creek Ranch in Clover Valley, just south of Wells. Acclaimed acoustic guitarist Michael Gulezian is scheduled for a special intimate house concert … (read complete article)

St. Olaf College Manitou Messenger - (college newspaper)
In a recent phone interview, solo guitarist Michael Gulezian commented on the brilliant “creative soul” that encompasses this campus. (read complete article)

Cornell Daily Sun - (college newspaper)
Michael Gulezian does not mince words when it comes to contemporary mainstream music: “All of my favorite musicians have an absolute disdain for convention and the status quo. They recognize that life is very short. In the little time we have here, we should look for a higher calling and find our own path, instead of chasing the popular trend.” (read complete article)


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Acoustic Guitar Magazine:
"Good Vibrations, The Healing Power of the Guitar"
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