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Michael’s “street team" is an informal group of dedicated fans who want to help spread the word about his music, by telling friends and family, passing out flyers, hanging up posters, promoting Michael online, or any other creative way they can think of.  Some street team members even sell CDs.  When Michael is on tour, local street team members work directly with him to help ensure people come out to the concert and that things run as smooth as possible.  If you love Michael’s music and want to tell everyone you know about it, then this program is for you.


The first step is to complete the form below.  The only requirement is a desire to help promote Michael’s music any way you can.  Once you sign up, we will provide you with information and promotional material, including e-cards, concert posters, flyers, etc.  Most importantly, this program is what YOU make of it – we’re grateful for your effort, and we do not abuse your willingness to help!  You can promote as much or as little as you like - all that matters is helping to get the word out about Michael’s music!


No - it's simply an informal team of dedicated people who wish to share their love of Michael’s music with everyone, by helping get the word out about shows, CDs, concert appearances, or Michael’s music in general.


There is no cost to join Michael’s street team!  You’re helping spread the word about Michael, and in return, we reward YOU for your promotional work.  You can receive autographed posters, autographed CDs, and other merchandise, as well as free admission to Michael’s concerts by participating in this program.


Street team members are allowed to sell copies of Michael’s CDs, but only to other individuals (not to any retailers) (and not at concerts!).  Here’s how it works.  If you wish to participate, your unit cost is $8.50, but you sell the CDs for $15.  We start you off with a minimum of five CDs.  You send payment up front (i.e, $42.50 for 5 discs), and keep everything you earn from your sales.  If you sell out and would like more CDs, you can request more!

We’ve found it’s best to be modest;  don’t order discs unless you’re sure you can sell them (the CDs are not returnable)!  The whole point of the sales program is to nurture and strengthen a grassroots community of fans, and in the process if we can help put some $$ in your pocket, then we consider that a blessing.

If you have any questions about Michael’s street team program, please feel free to contact us at streetteam@timbrelinemusic.com


  • Pass out Michael Gulezian flyers at other shows you attend - you can download high-quality ready-made color flyers HERE and black and white flyers HERE.
  • Hang concert posters in groovy, happening, high-visibility local establishments:  bookstores, record stores, guitar shops, organic / natural food stores, live music venues, coffeehouses, etc.  Remember, always ask permission before hanging posters at a business establishment, and be careful not to deface property! 
  • Spread the word in online blogs and message boards.
  • Contact radio stations to thank them for playing Michael’s music, or to make a request.  Click HERE for a list of stations that are already playing Michael’s music.
  • Write reviews in your local paper / school newspaper
  • Contact the talent buyer at your local concert venue if you’d like to see Michael perform there - sometimes that’s all it takes!  If you’re a college student, ask your campus Program Board / Concert Committee to book Michael for a live performance on campus.


  • Whenever available, free tickets to shows you’ve helped promote,
  • Cool gifts, like autographed posters and CDs, and any other goodies we may have on hand,
  • Satisfaction:  the satisfaction of knowing you’ve helped spread great music in a world that is drowning in noise;  the satisfaction of seeing the result of your effort, when you go to a live show and see the crowd, hear Michael’s music on the radio, or read about him in print. And most of all: 
  • Our deepest and most sincere gratitude.


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